Originally founded by SWGC Advisor and now Trans Justice Funding Project Deputy Director, Cathy Kapua, Kua'ana Project is the Indigenous trans-led, trans-staffed Transgender Services Program of Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center. They support Native Hawaiian trans women in their ongoing journey to live a safe, healthy, and authentic life, through harm reduction services, name change application support, and access to needed medical care, social services, and housing support.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle (2021-2022) providing a two-year grant to support Kua'ana’s Ka Aha Mahu Leadership Building Project, which engages, motivates, and builds leadership within the Native Hawaiian transgender community including through engaging with policymakers to support needed changes to Hawai'i law and policy that threaten the health and well-being of trans sex workers.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle sublogo, a solid pink four-petaled flower shape.
Sex Worker Giving Circle
2021 - 2022