SWOP LA is a peer support organization, run by-and-for sex workers. Their mission is to pursue their human rights to bodily autonomy, racial and social justice, and mutual liberation through outreach, education, mutual aid and political advocacy.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle (2021-2022) providing a two-year grant to support their projects and services, including a bi-weekly book club, an online sex worker-led peer support group, monthly outreach to provide supplies and cash aid to street-based workers in the LA area, community building events, partnering with research and healthcare organizations to ensure that research is grounded in sex worker leadership and needs, and state and local advocacy to reduce the state violence faced by sex workers.

The Mobilize Power Fund (July 2022) support their distribution of sexual and reproductive health supplies in response to SCOTUS’ Dobbs decision.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle sublogo, a solid pink four-petaled flower shape.
Sex Worker Giving Circle
2021 - 2022
The Mobilize Power Fund sublogo, two solid blue semi-circles interlocking horizontally.
Mobilize Power Fund