Resourcing the fight for BIPOC gender justice liberation.

Six illustrations of people, including a newborn child, are collaged together along with artwork from each fund's logo. The people include a brown person with an orange mohawk and green tanktop stands behind a Black woman wearing a pink shirt holding a newbord wrapped in a green blanket. To the right of them there is a bald white person in a purple shirt touching their head, a brown woman in a blue hijab, and a Black person wearing a Black Trans Lives Matter shirt and lifting a hand. In the foreground is a Black woman holding a trans pride flag and a megaphone.


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Four colorful shapes overlap slightly to form one image, all solid colors: a green illustration of a leaf sits over red and yellow round shapes, and a blue shape is above them.

About Us

Third Wave Fund offers grantmaking and donor mobilizing to advance the community power, well-being, and self-determination of young Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) most directly impacted by and best positioned to end gender oppression.

Illustration of two Black femmes set against a bright green background. One is wearing a headscarf and a teal t-shirt that says "Black Lives Matter." The other person is wearing hijab and a purple t-shirt that says "Queer Power," they are also holding a megaphone. Both people are surrounded by illustrations of large pink flowers and green leaves.

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​Mic Check! is a podcast featuring conversations with young women, intersex, queer, and trans folks of color about what it’s really like on the frontlines and backlines of the fight for gender justice, and how listeners - and funders - can best support grassroots movements.

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A solid color illustration of people marching. All of the people are wearing masks and holding up their fists. Some people are holding signs, one of which can be clearly seen and reads "Abolish ICE." The person at the front of the group is walking beside a pink and blue bicycle.