September 19, 2023

Meet our May and June 2023 Mobilize Power Fund Grantees

We’re excited to share our Mobilize Power Fund grantees from May and June 2023! Please read on to learn more about their work. 

The Mobilize Power Fund (MPF) is a rapid response fund for urgent and unanticipated direct action, community mobilizing, and healing justice. Grants are available on a monthly basis for youth-led and intergenerational groups, nonprofits, coalitions, and efforts in the U.S., regardless of 501(c)3 status or fiscal sponsorship.

May & June 2023 Grantees 

Can't Stop Change (Athens, GA)

Can’t Stop Change is a collaboration between Queers for Climate Justice, Climate Woke, and LGBTQ+ community leaders in Florida using intersectional storytelling to connect place-based climate justice organizing to LGBTQ+ organizing in Florida. The Mobilize Power Fund supported the creation of a rapid mini-documentary as a community education tool in response to an urgent collision of issues amidst intensifying culture wars and intensifying climate disasters.

Diverse Voices Coalition (Missoula, MT)

Diverse Voices Coalition is a community-based organization that centers the voices and experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming people of color while working towards a more just and equitable society. The Mobilize Power Fund supported their ability to launch a response to the Montana bill, MT SB99, which threatens the rights of transgender youth to access life-saving healthcare.

I Am Human Foundation (Ellenwood, GA)

I am Human Foundation is a Black, trans-led organization that aims to create a safe space for individuals who are homeless, living with HIV, and trans youth, with a focus on those who experience discrimination due to their lifestyle or gender identity. The Mobilize Power Fund supported their ongoing fight against the passing of SB140 (an anti-trans bill in Georgia) and their ability to provide mental health counseling for youth that are impacted by the signing of this bill.

National TPS Youth in Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

National TPS Youth in Los Angeles is a collective of 12 youth (7-8 active participants) who are Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, children of TPS holders, and their allies. They provide leadership support and mobilize around advocacy days in Washington, DC. The Mobilize Power Fund supported their organizing of a "pack the courts" action for the Ramos v. Mayorkas en banc hearing at the Ninth Circuit in Seattle, Washington.

Ominira Healing & Sexuality Power (Moca, PR)

Ominira Healing (formerly known as Semillas Healing Project) is a collaborative of Afro-indigenous TGNC, queer, sick and disabled organizers, artists, healers and farmers from Borikén (Puerto Rico) that provides an autonomous sanctuary and co-creates safer healing spaces in their communities that are rooted in love, joy and healing. Sexuality Power is a sexuality empowerment and liberation company dedicated to helping queer/trans people of color heal and express their full selves.The Mobilize Power Fund supported a partnership between Ominira Healing and Sexuality Power for providing healing justice work with trauma-informed therapists to the trans/GNC communities in Puerto Rico directly impacted by recent femicide and natural disasters. 

Saratoga Black Lives Matter (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Saratoga Black Lives Matter is a community based organization that works to abolish systems of oppression and affirms individuals to be their whole selves, centering Black leadership and liberation in their work. The Mobilize Power Fund supported their organizers facing racist and sexist legal charges for their activism.

Seed Theatre (Chattanooga, TN)

Seed Theatre is a community space for LTBTQ+ people that provides binders to trans youth, runs a community-led theatre program, hosts LGBTQ+ and BIPOC support groups, and mutual aid programs. The Mobilize Power Fund supported legal fees for a trans member of their safety team who was targeted by a religious extremist.

Birthworkers of Color Collective (Long Beach, CA + Guam)

Birthworkers of Color Collective (BCC) supports the diversity, visibility, and representation of People of Color, especially QTPOC, among doulas and perinatal care providers. The Mobilize Power Fund supported training birthworkers in Guam amidst climate change-caused environmental disasters and reproductive health disparities.

Game Changing Men (Newnan, GA)

Game Changing Men supports Black trans men and transmasculine people by addressing toxic masculinities and promoting health to end violence and ensure the safety and wellness for communities of color. The Mobilize Power Fund supported Real Talk on the Road: Sex, Stigma, and Sexuality, an initiative that addresses stigma and creates access to resources for trans men and non-cis (afab)assigned female at birth.

New Roots Urban Farm (St. Louis, MO)

New Roots Urban Farm is a BIPOC-led farming collective based on the northside of St. Louis City, Missouri that builds the power of frontline communities directly impacted by food apartheid and environmental racism. The Mobilize Power Fund supported a youth-led community analysis-building project centering gender justice, transformative justice, trans/intersex/queer justice, and disability justice as a response to conflict within movement.

Tallahassee Community Action Committee (Tallahassee, FL)

Tallahassee Community Action Committee (TCAC) is a people-powered organization that advocates for the LGBTQ+ community in Florida, with a specific focus on supporting Trans women/femmes of color. The Mobilize Power Fund supported their community organizing to demand Tallahassee become Florida’s first LGBTQ Sanctuary City.

Youth Activism Project & Queerify South Carolina (Bethesda, MD + Laurens County, SC)

Youth Activism Project is a nonprofit focused on teen and youth organizing across a range of issues. Queerify SC focuses on safety for queer youth in South Carolina primarily through raising awareness through social media and community building. The Mobilize Power Fund supported a partnership with Queerify SC for Hear the Queers: A Youth-Led Coalition Combating Anti-Trans Legislation in the South in the Summer of 2023.