November 26, 2019

Meet our Summer and Fall 2019 MPF Grantees

From creating mutual aid networks with migrants on the border, to implementing community accountability processes to sustain Black and Asian solidarity work, young organizers of color are clearly leading the way!

Join us in learning about — and supporting — the work of our rapid-response grantees through our Mobilize Power Fund from June through September of 2019.


June’s grantees underscored the importance of interdependence in these times.

Fanm Saj Inc (Miami, FL - $7,500) trained a new generation of circle keepers as an alternative to harmful policing in Miami, Hecate Society + Resistencia Relativa (Bay Area/Los Angeles, CA - $15,000) are creating mutual aid networks for migrants fleeing the violence of U.S. foreign militarism only to be greeted by the violence of U.S. domestic policy, and Yellowhammer Fund (Tuscaloosa, AL - $7,500) is deepening its direct support network for abortion access and reproductive justice.


July’s grantees draws attention to the necessity of community defense.

Alerta Migratoria (Chapel Hill, NC | $7,500) is creating a series of actions to stop the deportations of their members, National LGBTQ Workers Center (Chicago, IL - $7,500) are combatting workplace discrimination kicking off with a summit to build an economic justice movement centering queer & trans working class people, Pilsen Alliance (Chicago, IL - $7,500) is training their youth leaders in conflict resolution, alternatives to calling the police, and de-escalation, and Youth for Black Lives (Chicago, IL - $2,450) organized a summer block party to bring healing, education and skill-building to their community.


In August, our five grantees began working on bringing both critical funds and awareness to their communities and beyond.

The Black Sex Worker Collective (New York, NY - $7,500) are working on a series of strategy sessions, direct actions, a bail fund, and a web series to influence the political landscape around sex work and decriminalization. My Sistah’s House (Memphis, TN - $7,500) is launching a bail fund, direct services, and an advocacy campaign around the criminalization of TGNC people of color in Memphis.

Native Justice Coalition (Manistee, MI - $7,500) organized a billboard campaign to raise awareness around the murders and disappearances of Native women & two-spirit people, Project Blackbird (Oklahoma City, OK - $4,350) is organizing a virtual campaign to support Tondalao Hall’s release, and Youth OUTRight (Asheville, NC - $15,000) is launching a youth-led consent education and advocacy taskforce to challenge antiquated consent laws in North Carolina.


September’s grantees bring critical approaches to community healing and accountability.

Compañeros: Four Corners Immigration Resource Center (Durango, CO - $5,700) are providing healing justice sessions to their marginalized communities, Holler Healing Justice (Charleston, WV - $20,000) are increasing QTPOC youth-led abortion access support and healing in response to attacks from both the state and non-profits, and InterAction Initiative (Mishawaka, IN - $8,000) are implementing a community accountability and healing process while building infrastructure for solidarity amongst Black and Asian youth in their communities.