March 3, 2021

New Report: Creating Community is a Threat to Power

Sex workers have always been an integral part of collective liberation struggles, whether or not we receive credit or recognition. We created this report, Creating Community is a Threat to Power: Three Years of Resourcing Revolution and Liberation at the Sex Worker Giving Circle, to share some of the brilliance of our Sex Worker Giving Circle, and to document the SWGC’s model of participatory sex worker grantmaking along the way.

In this report, you’ll learn about how the SWGC got our start, and how the sex workers who lead our grantmaking and fundraising have changed the funding landscape of the U.S. sex worker movement. You’ll also get a snapshot of our grantees’ leadership, key organizing areas, and the strategies they use to build sex worker liberation, including mutual aid, healing justice, decriminalization, prison abolition, migrant justice, leadership development, and political education.

We created this report because we wanted to support other funders and donors in resourcing the incredible sex worker movement in the US, and to share out insights from doing participatory grantmaking by and for sex workers impacted by oppression. You can check out the report (both in English and Spanish) at the links below.


This report was written by Christian Giraldo and Maryse Mitchell-Brody, with support from Third Wave Fund staff, Itzel Corona Aguilar, Adrienne Wong, and insights from all of the SWGC Fellows and grantees, as well as our community of funders and donors.

This report was designed by Grae Rosa, cover art by Rebeca Soto, with supplemental artwork throughout by Andy Moon, JB Brager, and Kae Goode.

​We welcome feedback and questions about this report and our work at


Artwork above by Rebeca Soto, Cover Design by Grae Rosa. Image Description: An image of the cover of the SWGC report with the title at the top and artwork of Black and brown women draped in teal colored clothing and embracing each other with love and care. Artwork below by JB Brager, and is an illustration of a Black femme person crouching down in a blue teal dress and heels and looking back at the camera with a phone in their hands and a red umbrella tattoo on their thigh.