December 11, 2019

Top 5 Third Wave Moments in 2019


From selling Babes Against the Binary pins to committing multi-year, sustaining pledges, y’all have truly shifted the way that philanthropic resources are distributed this year.

Before the 2020 countdown, we wanted to share our top 5 moments of 2019 at Third Wave Fund that were made possible because of you. Check it out, and help us keep this work growing in 2020 and beyond!

5. Rapid-response funding during the abortion bans
In the midst of the abortion bans earlier this year, we were able to fund three new groups through our Mobilize Power Fund - all led by queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people who are working towards abortion access for all bodies. Read more about who we funded and why, written by our Program Officer, Joy Messinger.

4. An Emergent Strategy primer — for funders!
We were graced with the brilliance of adrienne maree brown who broke down her Emergent Strategy principles (the way we make moves towards justice & liberation in right relationship with each other & the planet) for philanthropy. Check out adrienne’s core aspects of Emergent Strategy for funders here.

3. Values-aligned, participatory budget process
​For the first time in Third Wave Fund history, our staff utilized a participatory budget process to collectively decide how our dollars should be allocated in 2020 in alignment with our organizational values. We prioritized a culture of abundance, mutual care, and building our grantee’s sustained capacity for long-term movement building.

2. We broke a million dollars in grantmaking!
With so much gratitude to folks like you, we’ll be distributing $1.4 million in grants this year. That’s the most we’ve ever dispersed! 70% of those dollars are for multi-year funding!

1. Our grantees continue to make history
Against all odds, we witnessed folks building mutual aid networks for refugees fleeing the violence of U.S. foreign militarism, creating bail funds for Black sex workers, building cross-issue solidarity within Black and Native communities, and so much more.

Our grantees have been fighting with everything they’ve got to make sure that low-income women of color, queer, trans, and intersex folks are free from violence so that we can live our beautiful, flourishing lives. We are forever grateful for their critical work, and for your commitment to resourcing it.


Artwork by Monica Trinidad