Founded on the principles of Black liberation, the Black Sex Worker Collective (BSWC) is a Black- and sex worker-led organization, fully and permanently committed to Black leadership for the rights of sex workers. Their work confronts white supremacy by dismantling at it roots which intersect with labor, immigration, reproductive rights, accessibility rights, gender equality and sex worker rights.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle (2019-2020 and 2021-2022) provided two-year grants to support the use of cultural work such as dance, performance, and the visual arts to raise awareness in the United States about sex worker organizing, and to create a national report as part of the Universal Periodic Review process to submit to the United Nations.

The Own Our Power Fund (2021-2023) is providing a two-year grant to support their capacity building project entitled “Growing the BSWC leadership: Branching out” which allows BSWC to support Black sex worker leaders under the age of 35, train themselves in leadership, the financial management of projects and the BSWC as a whole, and strengthen leader branches in locations such as North Carolina, California, Philadelphia and Jamaica.

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Own Our Power Fund
2021 - 2023