The Fannie Lou Hamer Center for Change is an intergenerational container for youth/community organizing and direct actions focused on interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline by organizing against school disciplinary practices that disproportionately criminalize Black youth, young Black girls, and queer youth.  

The Mobilize Power Fund (November 2021) supported organizing to remove corporal punishment from their local school district.

The Grow Power Fund (2022-2028) is providing a multi-year grant for general operating, capacity building, and organizational development support.  

The Mobilize Power Fund (April 2023) supported community support following tornadoes in Mississippi, which disproportionately impacted rural and Black communities.

The Grow Power Fund sublogo, a solid red illustration of three interlocking semi-circles.
Grow Power Fund
2022 - 2028
The Mobilize Power Fund sublogo, two solid blue semi-circles interlocking horizontally.
Mobilize Power Fund