Fireweed helps support the emotional wellness of all people, and centers the needs of those most marginalized by our society. Their work seeks to disrupt the harm of systems of abuse and oppression, often reproduced by the mental health system. Fireweed strives to cultivate a culture of care, free of violence, where the ultimate goal is not just to survive, but to thrive as individuals and as communities. They envision a world in which all communities get to self-determine the source of their care, medicine, and wellness.

The Own Our Power Fund (2017-2019) provided a two-year grant to support Fireweed in being led by and for its communities and to emerge from this phase of their organizational development with increased capacity and infrastructure.

The Mobilize Power Fund (May 2021) supported captioning skills and ASL interpretation for/by young mad, neurodivergent, mentally ill QTBIPOC for virtual, identity-based support groups.

The Disability Frontlines Fund (2022-2024) is providing a two-year grant for philanthropic learning, general operating support, and virtual convenings.

The Disability Frontlines Fund sublogo, a solid color illustration of a green leaf
Disability Frontlines Fund
2022 - 2024