inTRANSitive is a trans-led organization supporting trans people facing violence, organizing & advocating for the abolishing of ICE and all cages, and building brave spaces to celebrate trans resilience in Arkansas. They work to advance the cause of Trans liberation in Arkansas through art, education, advocacy, organizing and culture.

The Own Our Power Fund (2021-2023) is providing a two-year grant for skill sharing workshops with monolingual Spanish speaking Trans community with the purpose of base building, creating Spanish language content by and for Trans immigrants, and providing interpretation at actions, rallies, and protests to increase the attendance and involvement of monolingual Spanish speaking community.

The Mobilize Power Fund (May 2022) supported a partnership between InTRANSitive and Transformations' Youth Group for Growing Our Power: An Ozark Trans BIPOC Collective Think Think and Liberation Camp. Transformations is a trans and women of color-led organization focused on capacity building and leadership development among trans communities of color in Missouri, Kansas, and Northwest Arkansas (Ozark region).

The Grow Power Fund (2022-2028) is providing a multi-year grant for general operations, capacity building, and organizational development support.

The Mobilize Power Fund (April 2023) supported disaster relief by and for Trans and Two Spirit folks.

The Mobilize Power Fund sublogo, two solid blue semi-circles interlocking horizontally.
Mobilize Power Fund