Love Me Unlimited 4 Life is Black trans-led and one of the first by-and-for trans rights organizations in the State of Mississippi. The group was established in 2016 by Evonne Kaho, a Black trans woman and former sex worker, to serve and provide resources for trans people experiencing houselessness and navigating the sex trades in 82 counties across Mississippi.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle (2020-2021) provided a two-year grant to address the survival needs and strategies of Latinx trans people in the sex trades by providing medical, mental health, legal and housing resources as well as leadership building opportunities to members of the community.

The Mobilize Power Fund (May 2021) supported a statewide billboard campaign in support of trans youth and the larger trans community in response to anti-trans youth legislation.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle (2022-2023) is providing a two-year grant to fund a part-time shelter coordinator and provide stipends to trans sex workers seeking assistance with medications and navigating the healthcare system.

The Mobilize Power Fund (April 2023) supported recovering and securing housing in the aftermath of a transphobic hate crime that resulted in the burning down of LMU4L's trans sex worker and abortion seeker housing program.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle sublogo, a solid pink four-petaled flower shape.
Sex Worker Giving Circle
2022 - 2023
The Mobilize Power Fund sublogo, two solid blue semi-circles interlocking horizontally.
Mobilize Power Fund