A former Mobilize Power Fund grantee, Project Blackbird’s mission is to inspire and advocate for collective healing, wellness and liberation of Black communities. Led by current and former sex workers and their allies, Project Blackbird’s ConsentConscious program uses art, workshops, and digital media strategy to advocate for more comprehensive, sex-work informed education that support practices of consent that promote overall health, pleasure, and safety. Their goal is to imagine and roll-out consent education & accountability mechanisms that uplift pleasure while eliminating harm.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle (2019-2020) provided a two-year grant to support ConsentConscious provide sex-work informed consent education in order to help overturn archaic laws related to consent and sex work in North Carolina. Project Blackbird organizers have been doing this work pro bono; funding allows organizers to be compensated for the labor that goes into creating and offering sex worker-centered consent curriculum to the general public.

The Sex Worker Giving Circle sublogo, a solid pink four-petaled flower shape.
Sex Worker Giving Circle
2019 - 2020