We Center the Leadership of Those Most Impacted

A photo of a group of Black femmes and gender non-conforming people from Trans Sistas of Color Project, sitting or standing close together and posing for the picture. They are wearing dresses that range from cocktail dresses to ball gowns, as well as burlesque outfits and t-shirts. In the background there is a brightly lit dollhouse with Barbies inside.

We believe that inclusion cannot be an afterthought, and that our diversity, personal experiences, and voices are our greatest strengths!

Far too often, communities of color, youth, disabled, LGBTQ, and low-income folks are spoken for, advocated for, and left out of decision-making power. 

Powerful outcomes take place when folks most affected by an issue have the space, resources, and support it takes to lead. 

​Because of this, we support the leadership of communities who are at the center of oppression but find ourselves on the margins of philanthropy. Young women of color, queer and trans youth of color, disabled young folks and low-income folks know what we need best and are highly capable of leadership.

Photo of 2017 Grow Power Fund grantee Trans Sistas of Color Project, Detroit, MI