Abolishing Police and ICE and the Myth of Separate Movements

Monica Trinidad and Tara Tabassi
DJ Tikka Masala, Jhaleh Akhavan, and Lee Rosevere
Monica Trinidad
Image of the podcast episode cover photo, which features pictures of podcast guests Yessica Gonzalez and Hannah Baptiste, against a dark purple galaxy background. Yessica is wearing dark lipstick and a pink t-shirt, and Hannah is wearing a black button up shirt under a blue cardigan.


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​In this inaugural episode, we chat with LA-based organizer Yessica Gonzalez of Immigrant Youth Coalition, and Chicago-based organizer Hannah Baptiste of Assata’s Daughters.

From police abolition to dismantling ICE, we dive deep into conversations around shared visions of liberation, Black & Brown solidarity across the work, and how funders can do better at respecting organizers' time and labor.​

Both Assata's Daughters and Immigrant Youth Coalition receive multi-year support through Third Wave's Grow Power Fund and have also been grantees of the Mobilize Power Fund for urgent activist and organizing needs in their communities.