6 (PT 1)

Centering Sex Worker Leadership & Liberation

Priya Dadlani with support from Monica Trinidad
Jordan Carter
Priya Dadlani
Image of the podcast episode cover photo, which features pictures of Jenna Torres and Raquel Savage against a dark purple/blue starry background. Text on the image reads "Mic Check! Podcast Episode 6, Part I / Centering Sex Worker Leadership & Liberation" The Third Wave Fund logo is on the bottom of the image in white.


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What is sex-worker led organizing, and why is it important to center sex workers in gender justice organizing? As an organization that houses the Sex Worker Giving Circle and has been supporting sex worker-led organizations since 1998, we have always believed in the power of centering and resourcing the gender justice work that sex workers lead.

Along with sex worker organizers Jenna Torresand Raquel Savage, this episode dives deeper into why it is important to center current and former sex workers in gender justice organizing, what decriminalization is and isn’t, and the ways that sex work decriminalization overlaps with abolition movements. We also get a great primer on what the Sex Worker Giving Circle at Third Wave Fund is and how it came to be from Third Wave’s very own Christian Giraldo and Pati Morales!