The Value of Leadership Transitions

Monica Trinidad and guest host Pidgeon
DJ Tikka Masala, Jhaleh Akhavan, and Lee Rosevere
Monica Trinidad
Image of the podcast episode cover photo, which features pictures of former ED Rye Young against a dark blue and purple galaxy background. Rye is wearing a plaid button up shirt and glasses with dark brown frames. He also has a button pinned to his shirt that reads "Come out against white supremacy."


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Transitions in organizational leadership always get a bad wrap, but are they truly moments of crisis, or critical opportunities for growth and transformation?

On this episode, Monica Trinidad is joined by guest host Pidgeon, an internationally recognized intersex activist, academic, writer and artist.

​We join Third Wave Fund's Outgoing Executive Director, Rye Young, to talk about his time at Third Wave Fund, what it was like going from intern to ED, why it's important that he makes room for new leadership, and all the crucial steps necessary to ensure sustainability in transition.