Making It Through an Economic Crisis

Monica Trinidad
Lee Rosevere
Monica Trinidad
Image of the podcast episode cover photo, which features pictures of former ED Rye Young and current Co-Directors Ana Conner and Kiyomi Fujikawa,  against a dark purple/blue starry background. Rye is wearing a plaid button up shirt, Kiyomi is wearing a yellow blouse and large blue necklace and black blazer, and Ana is wearing a dark blue blazer and pink floral button up shirt. White text at the top of the image reads "Mic Check! Podcast Episode 5" and the Third Wave Fund logo is in white at the bottom right corner of the image.


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Did you know that Third Wave Fund almost completely shut down during the 2008 economic recession? How did Third Wave make it through? More importantly, who helped us to thrive and exist as the feminist community fund we are today?

In this episode, Monica Trinidad welcomes back former Executive Director Rye Young to be in conversation with Third Wave's new Co-Directors, Ana Conner & Kiyomi Fujikawa. We get the historical take on what Third Wave experienced during the 2008 economic crisis, the lessons we learned as a community-based fund, and what philanthropy can do to ensure our movements weather the COVID-19 pandemic storm and subsequent economic crisis.

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