Healing Justice as Cultural Organizing

Monica Trinidad and Tara Tabassi
DJ Tikka Masala, Jhaleh Akhavan, and Lee Rosevere
Monica Trinidad
Image of the podcast episode cover photo, which features a headshot photo of Kifu Faruq from Fireweed Collective against a background of a purple nebula. Kifu has short white hair and a black and white blouse. Images of blue, pink, and purple flowers frame Kifu's face.


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What is the glue that binds our resistance work? How does healing justice fit into our resistance for the long haul? We sat down with Kifu Faruq of Fireweed Collective to discuss healing justice as a foundational part of organizing and activism work.

Fireweed Collective centers mental health & wellness within the context of a healing justice lens via workshops, webinars, and rapid response in the areas in which they are located. As we’re witnessing the philanthropy field moving more funds towards healing justice work, we want to make sure the message is loud and clear that healing justice funding needs to be sustainable.

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